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Thread: A must read for all members...Who can reply to the AOP area

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    A must read for all members...Who can reply to the AOP area

    THE ONLY PEOPLE allowed to REPLY in the Owner Assistance Forums will be a Pro Member with a * by their user title and the one who started the thread. No others may post a reply.

    This area WILL be monitored by the AOP (Ask Our Pro's Committee). Be advised that the AOPC will have full authority over the Owner Assistance Forums. Warnings will be issued for those posting advice that are not approved to do so. Continued violations will result in infractions being issued along with more harsh action if warnings are not heeded.

    -Must be a Pro Member of HVAC-Talk with a * after your title or Professional Member*. To receive your * you can fill out our AOP Form. You may select advertising contractor or I don't want to advertise. The Contractor Map will have contractor listings for the purpose of advertising of the Pro Member’s business in the AOP forum. There is no incurred cost to the member for this listing.

    To apply for a listing in the “Contractor’s MAP Area” the following items must be met:

    -Must be a Professional Member of this site.
    -Must agree to the AOP Pro Rules via the * Application Form.
    -Must apply to the AOPC for membership in the Contractor’s MAP Area.
    -Must be a legitimate business or associated professionally with one.
    -Must be a member in good standing, a ban removes advertising privileges

    -Follow This Link to fill out the Contractors Map form. No web site is necessary, just business contact info.

    -IF you do not want to be in the Contractor's MAP, fill out the same form and select the box that states you don't want to be on the MAP.

    All Moderators and AOPC members can post in the Owner Assistance Forums.

    There are Professional Member exceptions who may not be contractors and may not advertise. Some examples of these would be consultants, application engineers, or factory reps. These will be addressed individually and must have special permission from the AOPC. Upon approval, they will also have the * by their user title.

    A single person within the AOPC will be appointed to handle all special requests by pro members to be included in the Contractor’s MAP section, then bring a separate thread to the Owner Assistance forum so all within the AOPC can vote on the applicant’s acceptance or rejection. Once accepted the Committee Chairman will inform the Site Administrator and an * will be added to the applicants title.

    Please note that AOP advice must be limited to approved levels and this site is not a DIY site. The AOPC has compiled guidelines of approved parameters that must be adhered to. It is not our intent to help an Owner to make the type of repair that requires a professional. We simply want to give them basic advice that might help them to correct minor issues, and to give our approved contractors the opportunity to expand their customer base through pleasant interaction with consumers in need of an HVAC/R professional.

    Important - Anyone posting as a Professional Member* in the Owner Assistance Forum will be expected to display the highest standards of professional conduct. Rudeness, foul language, intentionally giving bad advice, or using a combative attitude toward a Equipment Owner or another Pro will not be tolerated. Repeated or extreme offenses will result in a loss of the privilege to post and advertise in the Owner Assistance Forums and loss of your user account on HTalk.

    Receiving a ban or loss of Professional Membership due to behavior elsewhere on the HVAC-Talk site will also suspend your posting and advertising privileges in the Owner Assistance Forums.
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