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Thread: 12 gpd Honeywell TrueSteam with VisionPro IAQ

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    12 gpd Honeywell TrueSteam with VisionPro IAQ

    OK...I'm a newbie "user" but I've been reading the site for a long time...great site. Looking at investing in a 12 gal TrueSteam this fall...

    It's a big investment but in my old, fairly-leaky house (3,000 sq. ft., built in 1912, 1st and 2nd floors gutted/insulated, original windows + storms) I think this thing could be a rockstar. I put in a "big" capacity bypass in myself last winter but that money would've been better spent on my gas bill since it provided almost zero humidity. Embarrassing...I know...moving on...

    I have a question about Honeywell's recommended plenum mounting location. What I've got is a fibrous insulated (inside) plenum...god help us if it's asbestos (anyone know if they really did this??). My HVAC guy said we'd need to clear away the insulation from around where the steam nozzle goes into the plenum...I'm OK with that.

    My real question is...I've probably got 21-22" of clearance from where the TrueSteam would "inject" steam, and the top of the plenum. My guy says this will be fine...but I know in the instructions it clearly states you need 24" of "downstream open duct space" above the steam injection nozzle to avoid condensation.

    1) Is being inside the 24" spec by a few inches going to diminish my steam "absorption" by the supply airflow?

    2) Would the fact that the plenum is insulated prevent the condensation altogether? Or would it be an even nastier problem due to the fibrous insulation??

    Then one other question (please redirect me if I need to re-post with a different subject/title) but have you guys out there installed/been happy with any of the UV lights available out there? I've read all sorts of opinions on where they should be mounted, if they actually work or not, which brands are the best, etc....but basically I'm just wondering if they're "worth it?" I have asthma...but I don't currently have too much trouble in our house. Now if a TrueSteam starts growing mold inside my plenum we're going to have a problem!!

    Anyway...just looking for some real world experience/opinions as to whether or not my HVAC guy is just blowing smoke...errr...steam.

    Thanks a million!!!

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    Being inside the recommended 24” clearance may or may not cause problems, if a knowledgeable contractor has surveyed the duct work, and thinks you will be fine, he may be right. Diminishing the amount of steam absorbed into the air is not nearly as big of a problem as soaking your insulation and like you said, growing mould. An access door and a quick look a few times through the heating system will tell you right away if its going to be a problem. If your house is really dry and drafty, and your only trying to maintain a modest humidity level, than it may be okay but only an on-site visit would tell.

    In this case an insulated plenum is not doing you much help in the form of condensation, when you have %100 RH air (steam) making contact with any surface, regardless of temperature, you will get moisture condensing.

    At the end of the day, I have never had a PROPERLY INSTALLED TRUEsteam leave mould in the duct work, they work really well, but are a maintenance item, during the winter, you should plan on cleaning them once a month, remove the bucket, soak it in vinegar, rinse it out and re-install. Oh, they also use a lot of water and a lot of electricity.

    You said you insulated, but if you did not upgrade any windows or install a vapour barrier, you haven’t done anything to keep the humidity inside and that would be a great place to start, moisture will travel right through drywall, insulation, and other building materials. If heavy insulation was done, with no vapour barrier, you may have other problems......

    UV lights do work well at killing germs, I don’t know how effective they are with asthma, you may want to look at a whole house HEPA filter, not cheap, but very effective.

    Hope this helps

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    What brand and model is the other humidifier you installed?
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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