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    Contractors Locator Map

    AOP Contractor Locator Map

    Ask Our Pro's features an interactive global map to further assist equipment owners to locate a qualified HVAC service company in your area. It's called the AOP Contractor Locator Map.

    The AOP Contractor Locator Map incorporates the popular GoogleMaps functionality along with a customized, interactive user interface which allows you to select an HVAC-Talk AOP Service Company near you to help you with anything HVAC.

    Access The AOP Contractor Locator Map:

    To access the map, simply click on the following link:

    (To return to this page, click on this link in the upper RH corner of the map page or the back arrow on your browser.)

    How to Use The AOP Map:

    First, if you're not familiar with using GoogleMaps, here are few helpful hints:

    The map first appears showing the US and Canada with all available AOP Contractor Markers visible.



    Map Navigation:

    You can navigate around the map in several different ways.
    • Using the navigation tool in the upper left corner, click the up/down/right/left arrows to pan in any direction.
    • Click on the center box (inside the directional arrows) to reset or recenter the map at any time.
    • Move the slider bar up to zoom in or down to zoom out.
    • Use the up/down arrows at the top and bottom of the slider to zoom in or out.

    Zoom To Your Location:

    This is the Zoom To Your Location Tool. Enter your street, city and zip/postal code in the left box. The more complete your address is, the closer the map will zoom in to your location.


    Then click on the box to the right, and the map will take you to your location as shown here.


    AOP Pro * Member locations with approximately 50 miles of your location will be displayed. To view a Member's information, click on the map marker and an InfoWindow will pop up.

    There you will be able to click on links to telephone, fax, email or website. Also, there will be a list of the types of services the member offers along with any additional information.

    Get Directions:

    If you need directions to the Member's location, click on the link for Directions "From Here" and enter your location. A new map will appear with written directions and a suggested travel route will be indicated.

    The AOP Markers:

    The map markers indicate the locations of our HVAC-Talk Pro *AOP Members.

    They are divided up into four groups as denoted by the marker colors:


    AOP Pro * Member List

    At the bottom of the map page, you’ll see a scroll-down listing of all AOP Pro * Members. Use your mouse scroll wheel or drag the slider to scroll the listings. Click on a name to go directly to its map location.


    We Are Growing Fast:

    Please note that the AOP Contractor Locator Map is not static or complete by any means. We’re adding new AOP Pro * Member locations every month, so if you don’t find one near you, please check back soon.
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