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Thread: Owner Assistance Rules: Must Read Before Posting

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    Owner Assistance Rules: Must Read Before Posting

    Welcome to HVAC-Talk's AOP Forums (Ask Our Pro's). The purpose of these forums is to connect you with some of the finest in the HVAC/R industry to help solve any problems you're having, and to guide you through any replacement/upgrade needs.

    The Professional Members of this site have been vetted as qualified professionals in this industry or qualified consultants (manufacturer's representatives, engineers and the like). To identify those members who have been vetted as qualified, look beside their "Professional Member" title for an Asterisk (*) This designates that they have been approved for posting in the AOP section of this site. Advice from anyone who isn't a Professional Member with an Asterisk (*) by their title should be ignored.

    Please understand that there must be limitations to the type of and extent of the advice that is given here. We will attempt to avoid any types of advice that could be dangerous or that might require special licensing or certifications. As you may know; there are laws that regulate certain materials and aspects of the HVAC industry, and in those cases or cases where we feel safety is of concern, we will give you an honest and sincere recommendation to retain the services of a licensed professional. There is a listing of professionals in our advertising section to assist you in finding qualified personnel to resolve your issues.


    This forum is strictly for general information purposes only. Any advice or discussions here should NOT be construed as comprehensive or complete instructions in how to deal with an issue. By logging onto this forum, the user agrees to hold harmless the site owners and any professional participants who may elect to offer advice or discuss issues with homeowners. Users agree to accept full responsibility for following all federal, state, and local codes, rules, regulations, industry standards and to follow all manufacturers listed instructions. Failure to follow these requirements may result in fire, explosion, personal injury or death, poor equipment performance, premature failure of equipment and components, or void the manufacturer’s warranty and safety listing. Participation on this site is at your own risk.

    We're glad you came to the best HVAC site on the planet. It's our sincere hope that we've been of some assistance to you.

    NOTE: For some odd reason, starting posts here often end up in Admin approval queue. If your thread does not immediately post, please give it some time for me to approve it.

    AOP Committee
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