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Thread: Aprilaire 8870 stats w/ Bryant 90i Evolution & bryant dampers?

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    Aprilaire 8870 stats w/ Bryant 90i Evolution & bryant dampers?


    I'm installing a Bryant 90i Evolution hybrid system in a multi-zone configuration in a new house under construction. I'd like to use Aprilaire's 8870 communicating thermostats and protocol adapter to interface to my home automation system.

    I'm getting feedback from various sources saying that Aprilaire's zone controller may or may not work with Bryant's zone dampers. Some say it will, others say it won't. Some have said use Aprilaire's zone dampers wiith the Aprilaire thermostats & zone controller. But I'm also getting feedback that the 8870 communicating thermostats may not work properly with the Evolution system at all.... some are saying that Bryant's functionality can only be controlled by Bryant proprietary thermostats.

    Does anyone on this forum have direct experience in interfacing these two products?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.


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    Don't know if that will work or not.....but.....if your contractor is familiar with evolution, you best go with that.

    Why would you want to re-engineer something like that?
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    They don't interface-the evolution zoning is all controlled by the evolution control and evolution zoning board.
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