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Thread: Trane Rover Software

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    Unhappy Trane Rover Software

    I'm looking for anyone out there who can sell me Rover Software + controllers. I'd make it well worth your while, Can you help? I just have a customer who has been left high and dry with no service and I need rover + parts to help them.

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    You can only buy that stuff from Trane, if they will sell it to you. The trick is to find a branch that will. Some sell those items to contractors but most do not.
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    Your customer may be able to buy Rover from the local office if they have Trane controllers installed in their building and they are big company (Clout). They will also be able to buy controllers to replace bad ones providing they give the model and serial number of the unit that has the bad controller.
    As an individual, or a company there is little chance that Trane will sell it to you. Anyone that would sell you a copy of Rover if they are affiliated with Trane would soon be not if found out by Trane.

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