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Thread: Opinions on Bryant Perfect Air and Aprilaire system

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    Opinions on Bryant Perfect Air and Aprilaire system

    I am in the process of receiving bids on a new furnace and figure now is the time to address air quality as well. My wife is asthmatic and also has some severe allergy conditions. Despite that, we have two dogs that are shedders. During contractor visits I have had two different systems proposed, one being the Byant Perfect Air and an Aprilaire. Both contractors have pitched them as a 4" media with an electronic cleaning componet.

    Having no clue about this, but wanting to provide my wife better air quality, I turn to you! What are your thoughts on these media/electronic combos in general and more specifically about these two brands? Are there additional brand options I should be considering? Is the electronic worth the added cost?

    I appreciate your help in advance.

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    I have only experience with the Aprilaire and not the 5000 which is a HEPA type with electric or electronic features. The HEPA type are very good filters and if installed and sealed properly no dirt will get past them (that you will be able to see that is). Electronic filters do a different job the zap or kill debris that comes through them so they would be better for getting rid of say bateria, or mold spores living organsisms. They do produse an ash that will allow the blower housing and components to still get dirty. Plus my opinion you need a better filter than what is supplied to catch larger particles like hair, bugs and so on to keep from shorting out the power paks.
    Again I am not familier with the combination ones you are asking about. You may do a search and see if it has been brought up before.

    In my last house I first installed the HEPA type filter to stop everything and then installed the Electronic air filter (eac) against the furnace.

    I highly recommend the Aprilarie as it is maintenance free. Just replace every 1 1/2 - 2 years and all is good.
    EAC's should be cleaned monthly!


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