Professional Members may not advertise ‘Help Wanted’ more than:

Two (2) times in a month or
Four (4) times a quarter or
Eight (8) times a calendar year regardless of the position they wish to fill.

Job posts are allowed to include the following:

Email addresses
Phone numbers
Salary or hourly pay rates
Benefit information
Links to the hiring company

Job post are NOT allowed to include the following:

Links to or with DIY or equipment internet sales ads
Links to competitive sites of
Links to competitive sites of Penton or Contracting Business Magazine
Links to ‘Head Hunter’ organizations

Those who are NOT allowed to post ‘Help Wanted' posts:

Employment search firms or ‘Head Hunters’
Employment search firms must use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen for advertisement rates.

Job Discussion rules for Employment Seekers:

You may post a ‘Job Needed’ or ‘Relocation Request’ at any time.

There is a Forum Rule against double posting and bumping. Please don’t be obvious about it