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Thread: 19XR Float Woes

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    Something that gets overlooked is confirming that your evap. transducer is calibrated? Just a few F/ PSI out of calibration will give a false evap. reading.

    I've replaced floats many a times after I've confirmed;

    1-Transducer calibrated
    2-Correct CHW flow
    3-Clean tubes
    4-Division plate is 100%
    5-Correct charge

    Generally the float mushrooms (so to speak) in a semi closed position which in turn starves the evap.

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    Confused 19 XR low refrigeratnt temperature and pressure

    Dear All,
    I am looking after three 19 XR centrifugal machines. Refrigerant temperature and pressure of one of those machines has dropped to nearly 5 degree celcuis. The evaporator approach which remains 0.1 - 0.5 degrees has increased to 4 degrees and the color of oil in the sight glass is reddish. I have checked the temperature sensors and also replaced them but the issue is still there. Someone please suggest the way forward.

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    With so many problems on this float valves, does anyone thought to change to Exv controlled by level sensor on CDS?
    This type of refrigerant control is very sensible to flow and temperature flutuation, and also when oil gets inside the can is a misson to put chiller working correctly. On the other side when Evp level goes down EER drops.
    I Just think this would be a great optimize on this machine (19XR).
    Pls let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

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