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Thread: Lightning fried my Bryant, I need help fixing it.

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    Lightning fried my Bryant, I need help fixing it.

    3 different electrical circuits in the house hit. Two fixed, but not the AC yet.

    Shortly after the hit I noticed the central unit fan on. The thermostat was set to auto and ac/heat switch was set to off. So, i pulled the fuse. 4 days later I opened the unit and saw no signs of damage. I plugged back in the fuse and the fan and heater cycled on for 3 seconds and then shut down. I removed the fuse and after a few minutes tried again and the same thing happened. I repeated this several times. Under normal operation the oil heater turns on for several minutes before the fan starts. I pulled the thermostat and then when the fuse was plugged in, after a delay just the fan operated, as it did the night of the Lightning strike.

    With the fuse out, i plugged back in the thermostat and tried again. Now its again just the fan that's on(after a delay) when the fuse is in.

    I removed all four thermostat wires from the circuit board in the AC unit and the fan still turns on with the fuse in(after delay).

    I suspect its that circuit board, but want to be sure before I take it out. There are two relays mounted to it.


    tks, >paul

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    Call a pro and ask him to fix it. Carrier should have all the partrs that he will need.
    Blue Fox

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    Afraid this is a no DIY zone (see Sticky at the top of resi page titled "READ THIS FIRST, No DIY? Why not??").
    A good HVAC tech knows how, an educated HVAC tech knows why!


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    You need professional help here. A lightining strike is a huge bolt of electricity that can fry electronics and especially do an incredible amount of damage to circuit boards! If you are not trained in servicing HVAC systems, you can do a lot more damage to it by doing what you are doing and it is not possible to tell you what to look for here even if I could.

    I would cut all power to your system and call a repairman ASAP! You need someone on site to check out your system with a visual inspection and thorough testing and that will not happen on a forum! A severe likelihood of physical danger to yourself and others as well as property losses could very well occur here.

    Please let me put a bit of perspective on your situation without sounding like I'm insulting you or your intelligence.....................

    You're on your way home and starting across an intersection when your traffic light turns green. Then out of nowhere, you are T'Boned in an intersection by an oncoming car! That is what happened to your system.
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