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Thread: Mid-Year Golf Outing 2010

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    Mid-Year Golf Outing 2010

    We are having a little golf outing here in Kentucky next month.

    At this time, we have 3 tee times, but will add more if there is interest.

    Date: May 14th and 15th, 2010

    Location: Lexington, KY

    Course: Kearney Hills Golf Course (

    Hotel: Embassy Suites (

    Adult beverages and shop talk on Friday afternoon and evening. We are playing golf on Saturday with a cookout following the hackery on the course.

    If I get a replacement job, we'll be doing that on Saturday morning.

    Spotts and Benncool are arriving on Friday afternoon. Others are arriving on Saturday morning. (phbsales, dhvac, ibendmetal, bender's brother, bender's coworker).

    Rumor is that Zachhvac, HeyBob and 4D's will be making celebrity appearances.

    davidr will also make a cameo appearance in the beverage cart with jpb2.

    heavymetaldad and heavymetalmomma are touring horse country and will be visiting for the evening festivities.

    Love to see you there. Everyone is invited. We simply need a headcount for the tee times.

    We'll pass the hat and get some meat from a local butcher shop for dinner on Saturday.

    Air travel can be into Lexington, Cincinnati, or Louisville.

    Questions: Post 'em here or shoot me an email. I'll answer as I have time. It's a busy week here in KY with our first sustained week of temperatures in the 80s. phbsales is handling tee times. He can answer questions as well.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Thanks for the post, JR........

    As it currently stands, without confirmation from HeyBob, 4D's, and zachhvac, we have the final foursome to set. If we need additional tee times, I'm certain I can get that handled.

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    Yer doin what now???

    Gonna be a fun time!, and if Benncool lets me, I wanna talk shop a little....
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    Looking forward to it guys.....

    My brother is our "ringer" on the golf course.....I'm the "ringer" at the bar.....

    I need a new signature.....

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    I am going to pass on this one until the next outing. Thanks for the invite. I would really like to meet some of you guys. There will be a next time. I really always come through...just in time. Frowny face.
    Figure that out Rob. Ha!

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    This was a fun trip
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