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Thread: Looking for recommendations

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    Looking for recommendations

    I live in eastern VA so the temp is moderate in the winter and can be hot an humid in the summer. 2 story colonial house, 2700 sq ft built in 1964. The garage was converted to a room and the original garage attic was turn into room over the garage. Current HVAC is 25 years old. Plan to live here for at leat 7 more years. Current system was sized before the garage and room over garage was added, so system is too small. Also, only one return air in the entire house and there is no way to add one upstairs to the existing system. Current system is still working so I have time to make an intelligent decision.
    The dealer originally promoted either Rheem or American Std. He is now recommending Amana due to the replacement warranty. This is a large project as I plan to replace just about everything, trunk lines, feeds...He is recommending heat pump upstairs 1 1/2 - 2 ton, 14 SEER, 3 ton 16 SEER downstairs and 80% (don't know BTU he is recommending) AFUE gas heat.

    He says he will be using galvanized trunk lines, with flexible feed lines. Any recommendations on any of this will be greatly appreciated.


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