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Thread: Heat pump purchase comparison

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    Heat pump purchase comparison

    Can you guys direct me to a site such as consumer reports with comparison charts for reliability and longivity for heat pump equipment? Consumer reports does not rate Heat Pumps as far as I can find. I have an almost 18 year old Trane heat pump that I am currently getting quotes to replace. I can't seem to find any site that compares the various manufacturer's so that I can have an idea about the service life and reliability experience of others.
    The units I've been quoted on are:
    American Standard 4A6H4024B1
    Amana 2 ton 14 SEER (no model number cited)
    Trane (3 options, XR13-24-HP. XR13VR-24-HP, XL15i-24-HP
    And I have one more contractor coming today.
    I liked the Trane contractor, I didn't meet the American Standard guy and the Amana guy seemed to want to sell me too many other things as well.

    I forgot to say that this unit is on a 1300 sf house in upstate South Carolina. I have two large rooms with cathedral ceilings and two skylights that face south in one of the rooms. In the hottest part of the summer, when it is 100+ F outside, my existing unit cannot lower the room temperature below about 82 or so regardless of where the thermostat is set. I usually have it set for 78 F in the summer and 67 -68 in the winter. I'm planning on selling the house in the next year or so and want to buy a unit that will function well for whomever buys the house but I don't want to over pay either.
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    Many or us will tell you to forget what you read about HVAC equipment in CR.

    They will rate a Trane as one reliability, and an American Standard as another.

    Both units come off the same assembly line.
    They are made the same, with the same parts. other then name, and color NO difference.

    But, CR, has them rated at different reliabilities.
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    Get referrals from friends and family. The professionals doing this work have tested, installed, repaired 1,000's more systems than CR.
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    As above. Finding the better dealer is more important. What were the indoor unit model numbers provided, if any (these you will want to get as well in the future)?

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    The instillation is more important then the name.

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