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Thread: Changing motor speed on Genteq X13 motor

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    Changing motor speed on Genteq X13 motor

    I have a 2011 Genteq ECM motor (X13 FM13) that came from a salvage home unit. It works perfectly but had only one speed tap setup/programmed.
    Is it possible to reprogram the control unit on the motor to provide for more speeds?Name:  IMG_3929.jpg
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    Simple answer is, no. Complicated answer is to locate a distributor willing to reprogram the module that closely resembles a model with characteristics you desire which is almost an impossibility due to licensing. There is no one I know outside of Genteq Beloit themselves that has custom programmers.

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    Moved to AOP, this is the section for Homeowners to ask questions.

    Unfortunately, this is a DIY question, and we do not support DIY here.

    Perhaps there's something else we can help you with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmlanz View Post
    It works perfectly but had only one speed tap setup/programmed.
    This has nothing to do with the motor itself "can't get into what 1-5 do" this has to do with the air handler, and the way it was designed. Also, these are not speed taps, they are torque taps.
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