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Thread: Are ripples from tube benders acceptable?

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    The ones I have that actually work are also Imperial Eastman.

    I remember a pipe fitter. When he was an apprentice he seemed to not do much that wasn't messed up. (Like most of us)
    Next time I saw him on a job he was running pneumatics. All 1/4 &3/8. Lots of them in a perfect line with every bend just right.
    It's amazing what can be taught. Plus the will to do a job right.
    Give me a relay with big enough contacts, and I'll run the world!

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    If a person wants to create a machine that will be more likely to fail...Make it complicated.

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    I've found that it makes a big difference with the direction the tubing is being bent as opposed to the direction it is rolled when purchased. If a lineset is un-rolled and then bent with tubing bender in the same direction as it was rolled, or within 90 degrees of that , then it usually bends nicely with no ripples. If it is bent in the opposite direction, it almost ALWAYS ripples. Even with lubrication on the dies

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    I have had really good results using a spray silicone lubricant vs other lubes like wd or pb blaster. T

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    I did not see, or did not notice, any mention of "spring" benders.

    I have used these for about 40 years with good results.

    I have 3/8" up to 3/4".

    Good smooth bends but a little larger radius than a mechanical bender but lets one avoid another fitting. Quicker than unpacking the ratchet bender.

    I found that to slightly overbend a 90 and then correct back to that 90 and then slightly uncoil the spring as you pull it off makes a easy removal of the spring.
    Seldom a ripple, if you had a lot of distortion you are buying another spring as it stays on the tubing. That might have happened to me once.

    I finally did buy a ratcheting bender to avoid some 7/8" OD fittings.
    Use it now for 3/4" as the hands don't want to muscle the spring very easy.

    Old Lennox line sets with the threaded fittings had a spring bender permanently installed on each end of the suction line. This was back in the days when you found about 20' of connected 1/4" liquid line (part of the metering device) stored up in the rafters of the basement.

    Real old timers talk about filling the tube with sand and then bending it to avoid kinks.
    For water lines....not good idea for ACR work.

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