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Thread: How local installer treats manufacturer’s labor warranty vs. their own warranty?

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    How local installer treats manufacturer’s labor warranty vs. their own warranty?

    Considering a manufacturer who offers their own extended labor warranty. The installer also offers an extended labor warranty at a comparable price. I’ve been advised here the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty (in case the installer goes out of business). Wondering if there is any difference in how the installer treats each. Are they as conscientious of the manufacturer’s warranty as they would be of their own? The other proposal I’m considering uses a 3rd party extended labor warranty, which I’ve previous had a less than positive experience with (I’m sure there is a spectrum of quality with these). Thank you in advance & I appreciate your interest.

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    If you're buying an extended labor warranty then it's a pretty good bet that you're better off going with the manufacturer's warranty.
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    Thinking if your purchase one from the Installing Contractor and your not happy with their troubleshooting skills and what not, down the road your stuck with them, thinking going with a manufacturer backed extended labor warranty, if your not satisfied with the Installing Contractor you can find another Contractor that participates in the extended labor warranty policy. Course that may/may not be easier said than done. Something to check into to verify.

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    Manufacturer usually has service requirements to keep the warranty valid. Good thing in my opinion.

    If you mean home warranty when you say third party, they are a joke!!!! It is insurance and meant to make them money, not pay out.
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