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Thread: Rheem R802VA075317MSA

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    Rheem R802VA075317MSA


    My Rheem furnace is not blowing out enough air through any of the vents. I noticed that you can adjust the speed for heating and cooling with the dip switches. Question is what dip switch do I turn on to increase the airflow?
    Also I noticed that this furance has a filter on the left side and a filter on the backside. I have also a mechanical filter system attached and regularly change that filter but I have never changed the filters on the furnace cabinet itself. Thanks for your advice.

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    You meeed a static pressure test before changing anything!

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    What’s your definition of not enough?
    Ideally you shouldn’t feel or hear the airflow.
    Not changing filters isn’t a good idea.
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    What do you mean when you say there is a filter on the side and on the back?
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