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Thread: Black and Decker Portable AC Making Gurgling Sound

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    Black and Decker Portable AC Making Gurgling Sound

    Hi, I am new here. Back in June, I bought a Black and Decker 10,000 btu (5500 btu ashrae) portable air conditioner. It is set up in my 10x10 bedroom.

    It has a mist technology that prevents me from having to drain it. For instance, I own a twin to this unit, in the living room, where I have never had to drain it. I am extremely pleased with it. The one in the living room prevents the house from heating up even when cooking food on hot days.

    The performance of the living room portable unit is the reason I bought its twin for the bedroom.

    About 3 nights ago, I noticed a wet spot under the bedroom unit. I drained the top plug, and then the bottom one.

    I turned the unit back on and it ran fantastically.

    But the past 2 days that I have ran it, I have heard a gurgling sound sometimes. What happens is I hear, for a few minutes, a trickle sound just before the condenser motor cycles back on. And sometimes when the condenser is running, it sounds, very faintly like water or a "tinny" rattle.

    Should I be draining it when I hear that sound? What is the sound? It's not very loud. Just a soft trickle that lasts about 30 seconds to a minute before the motor comes back on.

    I have also noticed the room is more humid and it doesn't get as cool as usual.

    Another thing is that we are going through a heat wave in the humid Pacific Northwest where I live. Can that be part of it?


    A little important backstory: I am a cancer survivor, and I spend a lot of time in bed. I am very sensitive to heat, and need an air conditioner in the bedroom for medical reasons. I am not very strong at all, right now, and I have no man to help me (I'm a young woman). I cannot do hard repairs.

    I also know next to nothing about HVAC, so please explain in very simple terms.

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    Not familiar with these exact units but I understand the concept they work under so I assume they have a vent tube that runs outside to vent the heat and humidity.

    Since the one in the living room seems to be working properly and the other does not have you tried switching locations of the unit.

    The idea is that if the problem follows the unit then it is a unit problem that should be looked at. If it does not then it has to do with the way it is installed and for some reason the vent is not working properly which should be an easy fix.

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