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Thread: Hi top work boots

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    I have been quite happy with my Redwing Supersole 2.0. They are made in the US, mine broke in quickly and are pretty comfortable.

    In researching boots a while back I came across Nick's. Their custom made boots are pricey, but highly regarded. Too expensive for me, so I have no experience with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leslie cook View Post
    My vision is good. I do plan on getting my eyes checked soon.

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    First mistake is asking guys that are too young to understand the aging process.")
    It might not have anything to do with your boots.
    Same with physical therapy. Too often the therapist is too young to realize the problem.

    Older men don't pick up their feet like they did when young. Tend to shuffle. Misstep.
    Don't anticipate correctly. Trip and scold themselves. After awhile they tend to hold their head too far
    I don't know if there is an answer. I do know posture has something to do with it. I try to practice
    improving my posture. Remind yourself to walk straight. Not fully committing to the next step.
    If this has nothing to do with your problem please accept my apologies.
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    try a uniform surplus store for first responders(PD FD EMT) there are many brands that are lightweight and slip resistant.
    I wear underarmour brand and they are really comfortable.

    Army surplus is another option, I am not ready to order shoes on line like the new generation does.
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