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Thread: Why iw 12K split so much larger than 12K window

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    Why iw 12K split so much larger than 12K window

    Couple of general questions:

    a) whats the disconnect in the size of a 12k btu window unit vs what's being sold as a 12k btu mini split? (Mini split is enormous comparitively)

    b) whats a mini-split option for 110v when all the ones with floor units and concealed slim-duct air handlers require 208-230v?

    I need a mini split but I also need either a reasonably small floor unit or a concealed duct unit and this is to go in a tight 200sq. ft. space where there's really no room to face-mount any normal air handler on the wall (looking at 9K/12K btu). I also have only 110V so that rules out any floor units or concealed duct units on the market today since they all require 208V/230V. (Not to mention that the concealed duct units are larger sq in wise than an entire 12K btu window unit (large disconnect in the mini-split vs window unit sizes, buy the way.)) I currently have a 12K btu window unit that's keeping the small space plenty cool but I need to get it out of the window and I'd like of course a small indoor air handler about the same size as the window unit which is not made, and that's even when addressing mini-splits as small as 6K btu and that even one that small is not as small as a 12K btu window unit. I'm almost to the point of sawing a couple of 12K BTU window units in half for my unique application and building my own split unit by joining them via copper with the compressor part outdoors, copper routed under the floor and using then one half of another 12K window unit while building a box around the evaporator with a drain pan and thus making my own concealed duct indoor evaporator from a much smaller profile than the ultra large concealed duct units that come with even the small 9000k btu units and run only on 208-230v.

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    Start with a load calculation to determine what the BTU load is.
    Mini split units are much more efficient than window units. The efficiency come in part from the larger surface area of the coils. Maybe look at having a small PTAC unit installed in the wall so you get your window back.

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    To answer question A
    "a) whats the disconnect in the size of a 12k btu window unit vs what's being sold as a 12k btu mini split? (Mini split is enormous comparitively)"
    Basically efficiency. The mini split or any other unit is much more efficient and to get that efficiency they use larger heat exchangers.
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    1-Ton for 200Sq Ft

    W O W !

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    Try a small 6k unit it will dehumidify much better and be more efficient a 12k is waaaay oversized. Think humidity not just cold temps.

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