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Thread: Considering switching to Trane. Any Advice?

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    Considering switching to Trane. Any Advice?

    A couple of my friends have moved to Trane as their primary and others have American Standard/Ameristar as additional lines. They say their main reason is because they get so much support but then someone else said just the opposite. Anybody have any comment about Trane good or bad??

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    I'm selling the run tru which is trane without the dealer agreement.
    I gotta say that the units are good and so are stock levels.
    I don't think you can go wrong with American made

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    Up to the distributor. We have a DSO locally and from what I've experienced, service ain't too hot. A friend - 1 man shop- has bought some RunTru, stock isn't the greatest. We've sold AS for 30 years. Now it is sold by a multibranch 3rd generation family business. Service is outstanding. They sell the new Ameristar line, same as RunTru.

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