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Thread: Show me your van set up

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    Show me your van set up

    Im moving into a sprinter van from a service truck in the next few months, im going to have the van built to spec and outfitted. I do low temp service and restaurants. Before I pull the trigger on shelving and tank racks… what’s your guys experience with different van outfit brands and how do you keep organized 😃

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    I would start off with a 4' long stack of 4 drawers right behind the front seats.
    American Van has these, totally enclosed drawers, keep things clean and in place.
    Set you back about $1G with freight.

    Towards the front as have too much weight in the rear already, better control and braking on ice/snow.

    Nice to have access to that much storage without having to step up into the van.
    You may be young now, but that changes with every day.

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