I have been asked to help with a lighting control upgrade in my companies office. Fixtures have already been purchased, and a program has already been written for the controllers. I was not involved in any of this up until now but I need to make it work. The fixtures are Lithonia CPX 2X4 4000LM 40K M2. The controllers we are using are capable of a 0-10VDC or 0-5VDC control signal. My understanding is that the fixtures put out 10VDC and dimming is typically accomplished with rheostat control so I cannot control them directly with a voltage signal from my controller. Sorry I am an HVAC guy and I am not super well versed in the LED lighting game.

Is there a module that can be purchased to accomplish the integration between our controllers and the lighting control circuit? Am I missing any details that would be helpful in accomplishing my goal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.

Thank you,