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Thread: Hey, Pharma Phridge

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    Hey, Pharma Phridge

    Your problem with WIC freezing used to intermittantly occur from
    solenoid coil residual magnetism.

    You said that a solenoid was changed in jan, what about the other one?

    The problem is likely a solenoid, thermostat, or sensor.

    Tip: set the Emerson SOF (sensor op failure) to "0"
    A sensor open or short will then open the output relay.

    A brass washer used to fix the magnetism issue.

    good luck.

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    Pharma Phridge asked his question in a different forum (AOP Commercial HVAC), so I'm not sure he will see this unless he comes looking.

    I would normally move this thread to the other forum, but we don't want to get technical in the AOP forums.

    Side Note: It was about 5 weeks ago when he last posted something, and he hasn't been on this forum since.
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