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Thread: Victory vpt-88 help

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    Victory vpt-88 help

    Hey guys im a service tech at a small family restaurant. We have an old Victory vpt-88 unit. The manual states that there should be seperate controls for the top rail and the interior box. But i cant for the life of me find anything but the internal thermestat. The rail is freezing everything and we have no way to turn it off or adjust it. I am thinking that maybe that the rail controls were bypassed sometime in its life and just tied into the other thermestat. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Every OTHER Manufacturered pizza prep table I've ever seen had either a Low Pressure Sensor for the rail , or a Thermostat of some sorts (mostly LPS because its hard to get the pigtail for a thermostat in there) ... yup ... and a switch to turn the rail off separately

    Usually mounted in the compressor area

    Then inside the cooler ... it has its own thermostat near the evaps
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    The manual is probably referring to the newer style prep table. I've serviced 3-4 of those VPT-88. Besides having only a thermostat for the base and no controls for the rail, they also have just one metering device. Basically the cap tube hooks up to cold rail. Then the suction gas from cold rail goes into base refrigerator evaporator, and back out to the compressor suction. So no metering device for base. Since there is nothing to separate cold rail from base, they cannot run independently.

    Also of great importance. From my research these should run about 8-10psi suction R134a. Factory no longer has documentation and they kept saying "should run 50psi for 404, 20psi for 134". But that is wrong. These run lower suction to allow the rail to frost.

    That being said, since the rail is too cold, and the thermostat is in the base, there is a good chance that either a) the doors arent closed or sealed well so base runs excessively, resulting in cold rail getting too cold, or b) the unit has slight refrigeration problem, so cold rail still frosts good but not enough cooling for the base, so it runs nonstop.

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