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Thread: Natural Gas or Electric in Master Bedroom?

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    Question Natural Gas or Electric in Master Bedroom?

    Hello, I have a 32 year old house that has a wood fireplace that has never been used in the master bedroom (natural gas wasn't allowed in bedroom fireplaces back then). Not sure if a natural gas line could be run to this fireplace although a line to another fireplace is in close proximity behind it. Is Electric a better option in bedrooms compared to natural gas?

    The two other fireplaces in the house are hooked up to natural gas. These are purely for looks with no heat output. Would it be economical to replace these old fireplaces and add a fireplace insert to the Master Bedroom that actually produce heat? Are these new furnace fireplaces more energy efficient than a 32yr old Carrier HVAC?


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    That's going to depend on local codes not all gas fireplaces are certified for use in bedrooms. Fireplaces will throw off heat but they aren't efficient if you want heat you'd be better off replacing the old furnace with a new model and it would likely be cheaper as well. Personally I like gas fireplaces over electric simply because you will have heat in case of a power outage.

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    Does this unit vent into a brick and mortar chimney?

    Does this unit have a seperate flue in the brick and mortar chimney?

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