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    Hello was working on a R410A 1.5 ton Carrier Aquastat water source heat pump that has a waterside Economizer installed. This is a two story building with about 25-30 water source heat pumps installed. We subbed out the plumbers to do all the water piping work and they also tied in all the water hoses. Went on a call today where the unit was tripped on high head pressure. Reset the unit and set the thermostat to COOL, the compressor engaged and the system began to cool but, after a few minutes, the high side pressures were up to 550 psi. While the unit was running in Cool mode I felt the Water out and it wasn’t even warm. The INLET side began to get warm. All the water piping had insulation and I’m not even sure which Main Water line is the SUPPLY or RETURN line. Is there a way to determine which is which without tracing all the water lines to the Cooling tower on Roof?

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    I think you already did. From what you said, either the water pipes are backwards, or the in and out stickers are. I'd place my money on the first choice.

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