Hi, HVAC-Talk Community. For years, I have been developing "HVAC Widgets" to perform repetitive calculations. I put them on my webpage because it was easy for me to access them anywhere, but I thought I was the only one using them. I was at an ASHRAE meeting a few years ago, and offhandedly, someone said, oh, I use the Air Mixing Calculator on your website all the time. I was floored and a little embarrassed. Since I thought I was the only one using the calculators and they were pretty rough. I checked the analytics, and he was not the only one. It turned out hundreds of people were using these calculators every month. Since then, I have been cleaning things up a lot. Now thousands of people from all over the world use these calculators every month.

The calculators are helpful, practical, relevant, and hopefully easy to use. I encourage you to take a look to see if they can help you with your HVAC Designs. I am always open to feedback

Here are some of the HVAC Calculators I use the most: