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Thread: Trane xv80 ECM to PSC conversion 24v source?

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    Trane xv80 ECM to PSC conversion 24v source?

    My blower motor is crapping out (module more like it) and I have an extra psc motor laying around and a 90-340 relay. Trane XV80 140k btu I believe. Mid to late 90’s model.
    My only issue is I can’t find the 24v call for fan wire to energize the 24v relay that will power the motor. I have the other wires figured out to wire it up but just this call for fan is a mystery to me. I have pics
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    Sorry, site rules prohibit DIY advice. Please call a pro before you damage equipment or worse, injure yourself. Thread closed.

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    Sorry, we're not a DIY site.

    Thread closed.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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