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Thread: Smoking grill

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    Smoking grill

    Can any body explain here what things should we consider before buying Smoking grill? Also if you have a great experience with Smoking grill then let me know here.

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    Buy it and never look back. Lol. What type are you looking for. First to look at is pellets vs coal/wood. Pellets requires no skill and with the Bluetooth probes you could be alerted when meat reaches temp. You could use the same probes on coal/wood but you have to know how to tend your fire and where to place the meat based off the hot/cold spots on your grill. I've only seen pellets in an offset looking style but coal/wood can be done in a webber, vertical barrel, offset, well built brick house.... personally I have a "commercial" offset smoker. Nothing commercial about it but it does what I want for now. I really want to build my own reverse flow offset with a vertical chamber above the fire box.

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