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    Willing to relocate. If any interest will send any other information thank you for looking.

    I am a experienced(20 years)HVAC technician/installer/sheet metal fabricator. I feel I have a lot to offer the right HVAC company with my experince, leadership, willingness to learn/improve, and exceptional customer service. I have mainly worked in the residenial (70%), light commercial (20%), and commercial (10%) HVAC field. I am highly interested in a position to lead while working with other techs/installers, but willing to start wherever I am needed. I have all tools required for most any situation and testing. If you think I would be a good fit for your team or have any questions please call above number.

    * Install diagnose and repair gas, oil, and electric furnaces
    * Two-stage, muti-stage, and modulating gas furnaces
    * Install diagnose and repair rooftop units up to 20 ton
    * Install diagnose and repair mini split units
    * Diagnose, repair or replace Split phase, PSC, CSIR, CSCR, XR13, and ECM motors including belt drive pulleys and bearing
    * Gas, oil, and electric hot water boilers
    * Utilize combustion analyzer for safe and efficient combustion
    * Single and two-stage air conditioners, and heat pumps including dual fuel systems
    * R-22, R-410A, R-404A, R-134A, and R-422D refigerants
    * Utilize nitrogen, and micron gauge for proper evacuation
    * High efficiency air filtration, and UV lights
    * Bypass, powered, and steam humidifiers
    * Makeup air
    * Measure make and install custom sheet metal (duct work)
    * New construction layout and design
    * EMT, BX, MC, greenfield, and strut channel
    * Diagnose repair and install high and low voltage wiring
    * Gas, oil, and electric hot water tanks with expansion tanks
    * PEX piping
    * Ward flex gas piping
    * Gas line piping, cutting/threading/reaming, black pipe
    * Zoning systems both forced air and hot water
    * Wi-Fi and communicating thermostats
    * Solding and brazing
    * Exceptional customer service
    * Attention to saftey and detail
    * Gault Heating
    HVAC Technician/Service Manager
    11/17 to 5/21
    * New Castle School of Trades (OH)
    HVAC/R Instructor
    5/17 to 11/17
    * Advanced Air
    HVAC Owner/operator
    11/12 to 9/18
    * Eric Kell heating and cooling
    HVAC tech/installer/sheet metal
    7/08 to 11/12
    * New Castle School of Trades (PA)
    HVAC/R Instructor (night classes)
    5/07 to 10/08
    * Air Systems Mechanical
    HVAC tech/installer
    7/06 to 6/07
    * Halls heating and cooling
    HVAC installer/sheet metal/tech
    2/03 to 7/06
    * Doug Sanford heating and cooling
    HVAC installer/duct board/sheet metal
    2/02 to 2/03

    * New Castle School of Trades
    Associates HVAC/R 2005 (night classes)

    * East Liverpool High School
    * Diploma 2002


    * CFC Universal refrigerant license
    * Ward flex flexable gas line
    * 410-A high pressure refrigerant license
    * NCI Carbon monoxide and combustion analysis
    * NCI air flow class
    * Beckett residential oil burner program
    * Power selling pros
    * REME IAQ
    * Carrier mini-split classes
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    Why not try to find a job in house, such as a hospital, university, large Fortune 500 Corporations, state job etc. typically better benefit packages, less stress, easier on the body, get home at a steady time each day, away from the elements as an option. If it get boring or the money is not up to par get yourself established with yourself as a one man band, with insurance and LLC or not and just work the one job. May have occasional OT also. Have several friends that work in house after working for Contractors in the private sector ( non union ) at a Facility Department that consists of Electricans, HVAC/R, Plumbers, Millwrights, Carpenter. All have been there for many years, and even decades, no revolving door policy like working for a small private non union Contractor. Thinking the grass has not been greener on the other side as you have moved on a number of times…trying to find it?

    You certainly do high quality attention to detail work and you put great effort into your jobs which is a great asset.

    Anyway that’s my worth….
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    Thank you for the kind words on the pictures!
    Not really interested in going to the same place every day for work I get antsy when I’m on a job for more than two or three days when I used to do installs. And will not work for union. Every time I have switched jobs it has always been to either a bigger place which I started out at 1-2 man shops and last was 30-35. I was service manager at last place. Each time I did go somewhere else it was always greener. I am 37 have never been married I don’t have any kids and I am just looking for the right place for a opportunity to lead. I enjoy a chaotic day with things getting thrown at me from every direction. I enjoy training guys dealing with whatever needs done whether it is a service problem install issue or my favorite thing to deal with hasty customers! I am not typical in that I want to make a dollar just like any one but company culture and a good environment means more to me than a buck. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

    Edit I did my own thing for for five years that is where the pictures came from I enjoyed it but definitely wasn’t for me i’m glad I did it I learned a lot and I did it on a complete whim but never again. When I have sole power to say no I don’t want to work for you I said that way too much. I always looked at everything as a marriage and that’s probably one reason I haven’t been married I’m picky! ��

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    Hope you find your pie in the sky, your still young and probably with a healthy body and mindset, you may change your mind as the years pass and your body starts failing and the attitude changes…… Who knows……..Your a bit like me in my younger years, I wanted to get all my ducks lined up first, I come from a pay for performance state as we have a bunch of diverse licenses you can get if your motivated ( which I was ) you can leapfrog more seasoned longer tenure Tech. if they just have a bare bone entry license. My goal was to own my own business eventually so I got the highest License ( Unlimited Contractors ) after years in the profession and bought a house and started a and eventually a business, then eventually marriage at age 38 and I was 39 when my 1st child was born.

    Don’t believe 401K where around when I started working in the trade. It was pretty bare bone benefits ( non union small companies ) At least you got that working for you.

    That was the reason mentioning in house work, as many of my friends are older now, the stress, hard work, body breaking down as the years passed, minimal benefit packages offered, getting home at different times exhausted, minuscule vacation time ( especially if moving from one company to another every few short years on non union companies )
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