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Thread: Heat Load App - Asharae standard

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    Heat Load App - Asharae standard

    Hello friends,

    I'm Andr้, an HVAC technician from Brazil.

    I developed a Thermal Charge application following the Brazilian standards (ABNT). And now I intend to make a version with the Ashrae guidelines, I would like to know what you who use it daily think of this idea?

    In the app there is also the option for you to create a quote and send it as a PDF directly to the customer.

    In advance, I'll be paying a professional translator for it, and not with this google translator as I'm using it now.

    What kind of systems would you like? Would you find such an app for mobile useful?

    I don't know if this is the correct forum session, I apologize if it isn't.

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    If it is accurate and not overly expensive, I would use it. We do primarily residential HVAC.
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