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Thread: What are your thoughts…….?

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    What are your thoughts…….?

    Currently work for a large non-union HVAC company. Started in the trade in 2016 and worked for a company that did commercial HVAC construction and light service. While I was there I felt like I was really succeeding and accomplishing things. I was able to do some troubleshooting and repairing as well as installing sheet metal and piping; making me feel like a well-rounded tech. Fast forward to 2019 when I got hired at my current company. I was put on chiller maintenance ever since and feel like my knowledge has declined since I never go on service calls or do any type of troubleshooting except during maintenances. Have not received any formal training from my company either. Maybe I should be reading the IOMs more often, but still feel like I’m not getting a lot of exposure for someone who is coming around to 6 years in the trade.

    What’s your guys thoughts on this? Am I just crazy and should stick it out? Or do I need to get back into the construction side of HVAC?

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    Are you in a position to ask for service calls? Sometimes companies will assign people to do certain tasks, like PMs only, and not move them out of that role unless they feel more confident or want to learn.
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    No matter the job DO YOUR RESEARCH. By doing the leg work you not only learn but start knowing the question you need to ask and who can most likely answer them. You can't expect to be handed an education because there may not be anyone in the company that can educate you or even point you in the right direction.
    I'm not chastising you just trying to tell you what it takes to be successful.

    Be advised though once you reach a decent level of expertise some folks will love and respect you and others will hate you.
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    Not every company values a techs ability. Sounds like your stuck in crappy place. Once a company has a guy
    doing maintenance they don't seem able to see them in any other position.
    I knew a guy like that, call him Joe, where no one saw him as anything else than a filter changer. Problem was
    he was a natural tech. When the manager left he was moved to more tech work. The old manager was surprised
    he was good at it but the old manager never looked hard enough.
    Some companies also don't value training. They think if a guy is a tech, they will figure it out. BS. That's something
    the company will probably never change.
    I would look for another company rather than be stuck changing filters until retirement.
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