Dear reader,

During the testing of my new Daikin unit I've found something strange; the powerful mode doesn't seem to be powerful at all, it just blows harder.
I've seen this due to me recording the frequency state of the compressor. It doesn't really change to high frequencies (and RPM).

Now I've noticed, the bigger the temperature difference is, the better it cools. But it seems to be locked in between 18-31 degrees. Does anyone know a way to bypass the 18 degree minimum mark, or know a 'fix' to get the powerful mode to be really powerful, so it can cool down the room way quicker?
I also ask this due to the sensor sensings ~3 degrees (Celcius) lower when in cooling, and 5 degrees higher when in heating, which decreases the frequency of the compressor unit.

The firmware version of the units (2) is : 1.2.54 (Europe).

The setup is just as basic FTXF series AC.

If any further info is needed, feel free to ask.