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Thread: SRL8 outperformed my Dtek Select today.

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    SRL8 outperformed my Dtek Select today.

    I’ve had the SRL8 for around 3 years and my Dtek Select for around 2 years. Both are lightly used and well kept.
    I noticed the SRL8 was losing some performance around the 1 year old point. So, I picked up the Dtek and was super happy with its ability detect leaks with 410a and R22.
    This year, I haven’t been able to find the last 2 410a leaks with the Dtek. I ordered a new sensor for the SRL8 and wouldn’t you know it, bam found the leak. I then waved the Dtek right on the leak and barely a noise.
    I thought these Dtek Select sensors were good for 10 years? At least FP tells you to replace the SRL8 every year or so.
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    different technology. heated diode vs infra red. because of the different technology you need to use different methods.
    but yeah the sensors have different life spans. i have a IR fieldpiece and if the filter is dirty the performance suffers. something about how it reacts to a change in atmospheres- clean to contaminated w/refrigerants
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