Hi, I have had an ongoing issue since October at my newly purchased condo. Everything was dandy, having moved in to the place in September, my wife and I loving our small condo in an older building (built in 1921, converted to condos in 1971). 6 story building, where the first floor has 2 commercial units and we live above that on the 2nd floor. In October, the heater kicked on downstairs, and it is like living on an airplane. Low frequency constant vibrations in the whole unit, even the carpeted areas. We bought noise cancelling headphones (to work), white noise machines, ear plugs, put our bed on vibration dampeners on top of the carpet, but nothing has worked. Even paid to have an HOA approved acoustics expert come in and give an analysis and recommendations. We got totally ripped off, haha. So we have 24/7 vibrations, and even on "warm" days here in Seattle like today, a decent 68 degrees, the business downstairs have their heater on.

The heater is anchored to our flooring. 16 year old Trane equipment, that is supposedly still running OK. Has been serviced several times while we've been here the past 7 months, even breaking down a couple of times, we are told. Wondering if there are any codes on having such heavy electrical equipment directly anchored to the bottom of our flooring (wood). Any fire hazards? I know that having constant vibrations can't be a good thing for the building itself, and for us has already caused sleep issues, higher blood pressure, constant tingling in legs, headaches, etc. Don't think our appliances and wine are faring too well, either!

Even with this constant torture, the HOA sides by the commercial unit owner (also the president of the board, even though he doesn't even live or have a residential unit...go figure), even though this is worse than dogs barking (which is fined), or loud moving at night (also fined). We have asked about flooring, but experts have told us the source has to be dealt with first. Local noise codes are just noise, no vibration or low frequency guidelines.