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Thread: Goodman Air Handler Jumper Wire??

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    Goodman Air Handler Jumper Wire??


    Got a Goodman MBVC1600AA ECM blower motor single stage AC unit no heat pump, no furnace, not even a heater kit. The instructions say to "jumper Y1 to O for proper dehumidification and ramping profile"

    First question is, what is this even used for other than ramping and dehumidification?? Instructions aren't very clear as I only have R,C,G at the circuit board Y runs through a junction box near by in the attic straight to the condenser. If I jumper Y1 to O without Y wire attached will this even do anything.

    Secondly what will happen if I don't jump it out?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You aren't reading the instructions clearly. That AHU needs a call for Y to run the blower at the appropriate speed.
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