I have tried just about everything, I gave away the spray gel when the tip was clogged and sprayed to the side, on the joint to be soldered, I like to never got it clean enough to take solder, like Heatingman said, total freaking nightmare!, I might have even cried a little that night it happened LOL. I like the Wetrag stuff and the tube of paste, both work really well and if I have room, I will still wrap it with a wet cloth, more of just to keep it in place, both are a little messy and the wet rag I can use to clean my hands after dealing with the Wetrag or paste compound and the wetrag compound will last about as long as the tube of paste, so its kind of a toss up. I started using the paste or wetrag compound when I ran into a problem with soldering in a TXV, it was hot, had just rained so the humidity was like 300% or something, ok it just felt like 300%, but the steam coming off the rag wouldnt let me get it hot enough to solder and turned my flame orange as well, problem solved after driving to the HVAC parts house and getting some paste. I can say this, though it is messier, it has up'd my soldering game and it really seems like I don't have to stay on the joint as long to get the job done.