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Thread: Iceomatic service

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    Iceomatic service

    Hey guys, anybody do any service and warranty for iceomatic. Was wondering if they were easy to deal with and if they are worth signing up to do some of their service in my area. Thanks.

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    I do some. Warranty doesn't pay well if you have to travel. But if the units aren't far away it's pretty good generally
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    We do a lot of Ice O Matic warranty work. First it gets you into the store to sell your company. Then put your sticker on the machine. With this phrase “ STOP” unit under warranty call before making repairs. First you will be on their mind for the next repair. Second talk to the owner and sell your self. This warranty call gets you INVITED into the store. A lot better and cheaper then a cold call. We have a good rapport with Ice o Matic
    You can make money with them as long as you get them to pay shipping. Sometimes the factory wants to charge you for receiving and returning parts. You have to in return charge the end user. Some times this ruffles a few feathers. They do have a time limit they allow for repairs, but are not too strict. You have to file your claim online. You get your Check about 3-4 weeks. We like them

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