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Thread: Vent termination code

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    Vent termination code

    Hey Yall.

    Im going to be installing a tankless water heater and Ive been reading up on the codes.

    One in particular Im a bit confused about is
    #4 in this subsection

    804.3.4 Horizontal Terminations
    4. The vent termination point shall not be located closer than 3 feet (914 mm) to an interior corner formed by two walls perpendicular to each other.

    Now, how I read that sounds like you cannot install the vents within 3 ft of any corner, interior or exterior.

    What Im hoping is that it means is you cant install them within 3 ft of an inside corner on the exterior of the building but you can next to an outside corner on the exterior.

    Im pretty limited in options of places to vent and where I need to vent is in the corner of the garage.

    Did this make sense to anyone?

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    You might want to reread the rules on diy. This forum doesn't allow us to offer diy advice.
    If you are having this professionally installed I expect someone could help you determine if the proposed installation is correct but that wouldn't be me because I don't know.
    Be safe.

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    Sorry, we're not a DIY site.

    Thread closed.
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