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Thread: I-NET Stale/ Old Data

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    I-NET Stale/ Old Data

    I am working on a Schneider Electric I-NET system that recently just started showing question marks next to a few pump points built into a PCU controller. There doesn't seem to be any operational issues, it just seems like the data isn't updating correctly. I pulled a summary of the points, and found that all of the points showing question marks were marked stale/ old. There is only a handful of points in this particular controller that are showing up this way. I noticed that all of the points seem to be related to (2) specific pumps. What would cause some of the data in a controller to show up just fine and other data points in the same controller to show up stale/ old? I have included some screen shots.

    Any feedback on this would be appreciated!

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    J. King

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    You'll need to look in the point definitions but I'm going to play a hunch that those are indirect points.

    Values show old when the controller they are looking for stops communicating those values. If there is a calc or event using an offline value, that could cause it also.

    You likely have an MR or another PCU that is completely or intermittently offline.

    Look at where the values are addressed to. Then look at that device. If they points are under an MR then it is also possible the station they are under is going offline.

    It's been over six years since I've worked I/Net so forgive me if I can't recall all the terms, correctly.


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