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Construction materials are not going up in price nor are precious metals. The dollar used to buy these things is moving down in value, hence more dollars needed to purchase the same products. What you need to do is move money eventually into something that is considered an asset class. When the dollar was backed by gold and silver, one could simply stuff dollars into their mattress knowing at retirement the dollars would be of the same or greater value as the USA moved from the dark ages to the industrial giant during until Roosevelt took the gold from backing our printed notes that was the case. When Nixon took the gold backing from our Treasury Bonds the world started to back away from our currency hence on the world market it has declined by about 96% in value. This can be seen in my father's era few women need to work outside the house and he with 7 children worked normal hours and 5 days a week. In my era many a wife needed to seek at least a part time job to make ends meet. In my son's era (now) all woman are expected to work outside the home. Simply the dollar's value being stolen by the government we elected to protect our assets and liberties. All political parties have failed the American people. I't been a game of back and forth for the last 100 years but in fact both entrenched parties are working toward the same goal. Robbing the public of their time and life's work by devaluing the paper used to trade time for things. Literally politicians have robbed the production of every American so they and their cronies don't have to work.
And here I thought women had to work because back in grandpa day they had 10 kids in a 3 bed 1 bath house and may or may not have had a car. Now we need 8 bedroom houses and 5 cars and the latest phone and tv.

As my wife keeps pointing out Im always wrong.

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