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Thread: Carrier 30XA - Condenser VLT's - Program Question

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    Carrier 30XA - Condenser VLT's - Program Question

    Hi all, can someone advise if the Carrier VLT's (Danfoss HVAC Drive in disguise) are able to be programmed in the field (Carrier firmware upload), or ONLY from Carrier at factory level.

    I mean, a Danfoss HVAC drive is like $2k, yet an equivalent Carrier is like $6k.

    Thanking you.

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    Is there something special with the VFD?

    Have you tried using danfoss software to pull the program out?

    I've not done it on a carrier but on the latest Daikin screw I've seen that the were using a standard drive.
    I don't believe carrier have asked for a OEM.
    The only limit you have is if there is a password.
    But if it's the vfd with the 4 button under the screen just hold all 4 buttons to bypass the password

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