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Thread: Carrier DOAS units issues

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    Carrier DOAS units issues

    Here recently we have 2 doas units on a job that have been acting funny when controlled by bacnet. Carrier installed a new clipping file in the unit and bam communications was gone!
    I received the original and new clipping files ( big difference in the driver number ) App loading all 3 only the original one worked. Now most people are just using this with the equipment touch and will never know.

    Those who may try to bacnet to them and cant discover ( after setting the comm and router settings and dip switches) it may very well not be you.

    There is a permission key for those using field assistant or ivu.

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    They were reset to factory defaults, blew away any setpoints you had too. Far as I'm concerned if I have to go back and "fix" this by putting the BACnet info again that's billable cleanup work. Reasonably certain you don't need FA to do it, just a terminal emulator. If you have a label on the unit door saying what the device instance addressing and speed it lends credibility to the PO request.

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