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Thread: Meter leads

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    Quote Originally Posted by vin lashon View Post
    Last week, I ordered and received my Fluke leads (TL175) and alligator clips (AC175). They are exactly what I needed and great quality. They set me back close to $75, but it was worth it to get what I needed.

    The alligator clips fit tightly and make it easy to grab terminals and spade clips. The leads are as tangle free as it gets.
    I’ve had several sets of the TL175. I like them but they don’t last about a year. Eventually they get a weak spot and your ohm readings will be all over the place when you move the leads. Mine will sometimes read 10 ohms when shorted together.

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    I just buy the standard leads and keep a couple of xtra hanging on my cage. Ive got some nice silicone leads with various ends but I dont drag them out everyday.. especially on something simple like a res call or maint.
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    These guys are highly recommended over at the EEVblog. Silicone leads, gold plated tips, etc.
    Once my Fluke TL175s wear out, I'm springing for a set from them.

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