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Thread: I love my maintenance guys

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    I love my maintenance guys

    Maintenance calls says they got one not heating. Says is says the aux heat is working but not normal heat. I reply you have electric air handler so you only have one heat. I think it’s odd he says that but whatever. Get there, grab a bounce stack as I have already installed 7 there this year. Get up there and think I hear the sound of refrigerant. Stick my head out and see the ac running. Umm okay. Pull disconnect take a peak at ahu. Frozen 3” thick. Go to stat, and see they installed a hp stat for a straight cool electric heat unit. So it was energizing y for a call for heat.....

    Told them they needed to put a different stat on, grabbed my tools and walked away.

    I’m walking out the front door and manager says I always like seeing you here cause you get our stuff fixed. I laughed out loud and said “your in luck cause I got room 3xx fixed”.....

    Couldn’t help but have a little smirk on my face.

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    They should call you BEFORE letting maintenance touch it.
    Easy money though.
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    I used to have one of those until they got bought by a big corporation.
    They were the best because i would usually walk the roof with the maintenance guy on the way to the broken unit and point out several more that were having problems and he would go get the keys and I would fix those too. It was nice to burn 4 hours straight actually fixing things instead of driving between customers. The funniest thing was how often they lost disconnect pulls and would have to have me swap disconnects.
    I actually miss that customer.

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