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Thread: Metered tap connection from adjacent building possible?

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    Metered tap connection from adjacent building possible?

    I am in the Boston area and a customer, an open parking garage, has no water service currently.

    They would like to have a car washing area at the back of the garage and want to tap from a 1/2" line from the adjacent building (about 10 feet away)

    The other building owner has given them the OK to do this given they meter this line and pay them appropriately.

    Is this even code compliant? I doubt it. I am thinking the city wants you to tap directly from their main line on the street (even a 1/2" line) and meter from there.

    Appreciate your input

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    Seems legit, city is still metering and getting paid, backflow preventer already in place...
    I'm not young enough, to know everything...

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    Might want to check with the city. Here the village wants individual taps.

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