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Thread: Dehumidifying basement

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    Dehumidifying basement

    I have a 1910 home with four rooms in the basement area. Those rooms are made with limestone walls and a brick-stone floors. So far they have been used to store some stuff only and my kids run around from time to time. I would like to dehumidify the basement but I wonder about disposing the water. Hoses running outside are an option but what about winter when the freezing temperatures come? There is no extra drain and I don't know how to use existing water drain (I do have HVAC around e.g. washing machine drain). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Either elevate the dehumidifier or drain it into a condensate pump.
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    Dehumidification is not needed during outside freezing because of low outdoor dew points and increased movement of dry outside air through the home. Pull the plug on the dehu Nov. The idea of elevating the dehu enough to use a washer or a.c drain is excellent.

    Consider an efficient dehu like the Santa Fe Compact. More compact and made to hang from joist and a merv 13 air filter.
    This will help the entire home in the 3 damp season in WI or any green grass climate. This unit could also have a small supply duct system to distribute the dry air throughout the basement space.

    Keep us posted on how everything works out.
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    I would only add that some dehumidifiers come with a built-in condensate pump so you can keep it on the floor and pump it up to a drain. In my home, I have a Santa Fe dehumidifier in the sealed crawlspace that has a built in pump. It pumps it up to the floor drain in my 1st floor mechanical room.
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