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Thread: Gas flow measurement

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    Quote Originally Posted by heatingman View Post
    Im familiar with that procedure, however:

    Most buildings I deal with dont have dedicated meters to the boiler, so no real way to know whats using the gas and not practical to isolate everything. That and most commercial building meters have the relevant dials blocked off, and the meters are significant distances from what Im wanting to clock. Like several hundred feet away, or down at the street level when Im 20 stories up.

    In an ideal world, a dedicated meter just for monitoring flow would be installed for each boiler, or burner. In industrial and process they have started doing just that, but I suspect mainly for EPA permit purposes.

    And Im talking about large equipment mainly. Like for schools, hospitals, large buildings, etc..

    Traditionally I just go by stack temperature to find high and low fire. And its good enough.

    But Im always wanting better.

    Ive found some options, but most are either too expensive, or far less practical then id like.

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    You had me curious, so I started looking around for solutions and YIKES! You weren't kidding! Stuff ranging from $2500 up into 5 figures.

    So, I had a wacky idea. I can't imagine that the gas companies are spending that much on meters, and they're relatively accurate. I'm not sure on portability, or the pipe sizes you need, but what about something like this?

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    what about clocking the gas meter

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