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Thread: Dual duct Titus controllers

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    Dual duct Titus controllers

    Hi everybody,

    I am working at a site currently that has dual duct Titus boxes in one of the buildings on the campus. The company I work for recently took this account over... and we have walked into quite a mess with the pneumatics. The majority of the VAV controllers and thermostats here are direct acting, but this particular building with the dual duct boxes has such a mix of DA and RA, I have decided to start making every box that I balance to DA (to have some uniformity). I have a huge stock of Titus II controllers that I use as replacements and use brand new Powers/Siemens two pipe thermostats every time a stat goes bad.

    My question is: How should I set up the Titus controllers on the dual duct boxes? There is a DA/RA setting for cooling and heating as well as a NO/NC damper position. If I were to set up these dual duct boxes as DA, what would the settings be on the controllers? Also, is there any little tip or trick that you guys have found useful? Any help would be much appreciated! All my experience so far with balancing has been single duct with a reheat coil, which are very straight forward.

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    I'm sure there are other more complex methods to get it going, but I would work one deck against the other. Cold deck strokes open (DA), hot deck strokes closed (RA)the same percentage. System fails to heat. You can gain some energy savings by using outside air reset on the air handler decks. Depends on your climate.

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    Are these VAV'S constant volume or variable volume?
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